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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tool #3

I plan to use this youtube video to get a discussion going about the recent mass murder in Aurora, CO. This one on native americans has nice images and relaxing music. It will be perfect for when the kids are quietly working on their venn diagrams,comparing and contrasting native american tribes.

Tool #2

I think PLN is a great opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues!  Not only can I partner with Mrs. Sturhan about Texas History, but also integrate lessons with others. I can see what other teachers are teaching and doing in their classrooms much easier now. is one of the blogs I visited that I found intriguing and think Mrs. Sturhan  will too!  This is another one which is an article about 20 high school kids skipping school and going skinny-dipping in the bayou back in the 1940's.

Tool #1

Creating a Voki was complicated but I was glad to see there was a cowgirl Voki!